What Other Parents Have To Say

Easy to navigate, high production values, overall a very slick version of a well loved children’s classic.

— ReaditDaddy

“The animations are lovely and the voices of the princess and the frog are really engaging. It is such a lovely, traditional story and it is lovely to see it bought to life like this. My six year old daughter was enthralled. We would definitely download another of these. Just adorable characterization.”

— Baby Budgeting

“Imogen loves the story and now, after only a few days, pretty much knows it off by heart. It’s lovely to see her enjoying such a traditional story, even if it is in a modern format but surely anyway a child reads is a good way.”

— Me and My Kiddywinks

“As a teacher I am all for promoting reading. If using modern technology to promote literacy and foster a love of reading helps I think the medium is great. I like Erin and the older two to read and know the tradition tales. This is a modern way of learning these tales and it really brings them alive.”

— Emma and Three

“What’s brilliant about the app, made by Blue Ocean Studios, is that it encourages kids to think about story structure, and characters, even dialogue: the basic skills kids needed to understand English Literature, language and comprehension, in fact, and help them with their own compositions. And because they can look at the app on the iPad, which gives it the ‘cool’ factor, it will appeal to even the most reluctant reader. Fairytales for the 21st century.”

— The Mum Blog